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Ecotourism & Recreational

The low season is October & November and then again January to March. December will be high season. The activities that will be permitted is that of amateur ornithologists (Bird watchers / enthusiastic). Bird life is prolific and a farm bird list must be compiled. Your contribution will be invaluable and appreciated. Amateur dendrologists (tree societies) or any nature lovers who wish to identify reptiles, spiders, wildflowers etc are also most welcome. There are a variety of species of reptiles, snakes, lizards, spiders etc. Aspiring astronomers, (star gazers) are most welcome as the sky is mostly clear and still unpolluted. Hikers with day packs are also welcome to just meander in the bush veldt. (It is recommended that you bring a GPS).  Management also encourages post graduate students in biology, botany or nature conservation to consider doing their research in this area. It is a vast natural area that is close to being a wilderness area Nature photographers are also encouraged to spend time in the hides to capture some exceptional interaction at waterholes. Alternatively you could just relax and watch game at a waterhole or enjoy sundowners from a viewing platform. The aim is for you to unwind, relax and enjoy your interests that cannot be pursued in our cities.



The farm has a 1,3 km. landing strip.  Arrangements for landing must be made to ensure that the surface is safe to land and grade the surface if necessary.  The co-ordinates are
S22 50 610 and E28 25 035 which are also the approximate coordinates to Apiesdoring Camp.